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Billard rules

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Free pyramid (American pyramid).

The opening break shot is taken with the cue ball in hand from the house. Only yellow ball must be used as the cue ball on the opening break shot. Break shot is considered to be legal if 2 of the object balls touch the cushions, or attain the pocket zone, as well as at least one of the object balls is pocketed after touching the cue ball. Failure to meet these requirements is a foul. The foul is also if the cue ball don`t touch the object balls. When the breaker fails to make a legal break, the incoming player has the right to make a break shot. If a player with the right to do the break shot score the ball, he gets right to do the next shot.
After the break shot incoming player can select any ball as the cue ball. Stroke is considered to be legal same way as at the break. If any ball is pocketed on a legal stroke, the shooter continues to play.
Any legally pocketed ball counts one point for the shooter. In case of a foul, one point penalty is deducted from the offending player’s score. First player who scored 8 points is the winner.


Break shot in the pyramid is made as well as in the free pyramid. During the break, any legally pocketed ball counts points for the shooter according the number shown on the scored ball. After the break before each stroke player must call an object ball and a pocket to score. If the first stroke of the cue ball touches uncalled ball or the object ball is pocketed to uncalled pocket, or random balls are pocketed, then it is a foul.
In the case of legal score player earn points by the following scheme: for the balls from 2 to 15 - according to their nominal value, for balls 1 - 11 points. If the pocketed ball was the last one, the player earns an additional 10 points. First player who scored more than 70 points is the winner.

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