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Playgamp Internet Backgammon Security

PlayGamp takes online security very seriously. Our commitment to security has helped us to become a leader in online operations, inclusive of secure backgammon software download, secure money transfers, secure transaction, secure player account etc…

Playgamp account security

Each account at Playgamp is operated by these security measures:

1. Controlled access for players only:
Playgamp accounts may only be accessed with a unique username and password. Each player is only allowed one (1) account. Please keep your password strictly confidential. Should you lose your account name or password, a replacement will be issued upon request.

2. Identity verification: 
Players must register using their true and legal identity, and are required to provide their complete mailing address and contact information when creating an account at Playgamp. Registering with a false name or mailing address can and will cause the associated account to be subject to closure. Random identity checks and other security reviews are performed regularly to protect the integrity of our system.

Transaction security

The Playgamp payment processing center uses the highest levels of data encryption. It uses 128 bit encryption, which is the same level as used in online banking, for instance, to ensure the highest level of privacy and confidentiality of your data both to and from the online backgammon room. Playgamp data transfer security is achieved by utilizing advanced and internationally accepted industry standard: SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption algorithm technology. This means that your cards, your name, your address, your credit card number, your password, and any other information that is transmitted between players' computers and our server is protected with the same level of security that banks and credit companies use. It is much safer than using your credit card at your local gas station or when ordering a pizza over the telephone.

Software security

All information exchange between your computer and our game servers is properly encrypted with AES-128 bit (CBC mode), SHA-1 and RSA. Important: there is never a direct contact between two players' computers, everything is transmitted exclusively via our servers.
We have implemented suitable security policies, rules and technical measures to protect and safeguard the personal data under our control from unauthorized access, improper use or disclosure, unauthorized modification, unlawful destruction or accidental loss.

7 days a week support:

If you have any questions regarding the security policies at Playgamp, or if you have a specific security related issue that needs attention, please contact us at